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ESL Lesson Planning for Adults using Sports | TEFL Teacher

How to Use Sports in ESL Lesson Planning for Adults Many TEFL teachers are searching for creative and innovative approaches to adult ESL lesson planning. One such method is using sports to teach language. Sports offer a fun and interactive way to teach language while providing many other benefits. Sports can be used to teach all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, sports can also be used to teach grammar and vocabulary. For example, soccer can be used

Work First Fellowship Name Change — The Work First

Today, we announce the update of the official name of our company's corresponding fellowship opportunity. We have changed our name from the Work First Fellowship to America Works Fellowship. We have also adjusted our application process and will be requesting that all applicants inquire about the America Works Fellowship and application process by emailing Our mission hasn't changed as the bridge between aspiring public policy and social work professionals and low-inc

Should You Complete a Fellowship? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself. — The Work First

After four years of university, the number one thing jobs and graduate schools are looking for is experience. A fantastic way to complete this experience is with a fellowship opportunity. Before applying for any fellowship, every candidate should ask themselves a couple of questions before committing to a program. 1. Are you passionate about a narrower focus? A fellowship is a great way to gather clarity when exploring a commitment to a graduate school program or career paths such as social wo

Day in the Life of Devan "Penny" Davis SF Fellow — The Work First

Today we arrived in the office to prepare for the two Veteran events. The first was America Works sponsored digital conference in collaboration with the local community college. The second was sponsored by the Vet Success Center in SF. Send out reminder emails to all speakers and add final links to access the live streaming platform. Start the program and facilitate all the background "stage" switches and help with creating questions. Help facilitate the back end bringing speakers and folks a

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